We have a wide variety of specialized equipment to fit many different types of business needs such as: alarms and monitoring, surveillance cameras, access cards, and steel shutters.  As always, the on-site consultation is free and there is no obligation.  Click here to contact me.


Tips for business owners:


*Make sure all outside entrances and inside security doors have deadbolt locks. If you use padlocks, they should be made of steel and kept locked at all times. Remember to remove serial numbers from your locks, to prevent unauthorized keys from being made.

*Light the inside and outside of your business, especially around doors, windows, skylights, or other entry points. Consider installing covers over exterior lights and power sources to deter tampering.

*Check the parking lot for good lighting and unobstructed views.


*Greet every person who enters the business in a friendly manner. Personal contact can discourage a would-be criminal.

*Keep windows clear of displays or signs and make sure your business is well-lighted. Check the layout of your store, eliminating any blind spots that may hide a robbery in progress.

*Provide information about your security system to employees only on a "need-to-know" basis.

*If you or your employees are confronted by a robber, cooperate. Merchandise and cash can always be replaced - people can't!

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